Managed IT & Help Desk

Managed Services replaces the traditional, reactionary "break/fix" role with a proactive relationship based on knowing your system, your needs, and keeping things running as smoothly as possible.  In fact, the old model meant a service provider made money when something went wrong. In the improved model, you have more predictable costs while we monitor your devices and fix problems -- often before they become full-blown failures.

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Mobile Device Management

At NFT, we use a state of the art mobile device management (MDM) tool that provides comprehensive monitoring and security controls over mobile devices with access to networks and data. This means lost or stolen devices don't make your entire system vulnerable.

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SharePoint & Custom Development

These days, employees spend increasing time searching for information and collaborating on projects. NFT works with customers to improve the working efficiency of their employees.  For example, company intranets built on Microsoft SharePoint technology are a powerful, cost-effective way to increase access and efficiency.

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Support existing IT Staff

Is your current IT staff overworked? Do they get bogged down with requests for help that all IT departments face? Are they unable to execute on critical projects because there isn't funding for another staff member?

Let NFT handle projects and/or the daily responsibilities associated with business technology by partnering with us today!

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