Employees telecommuting or on the road? Staff working at several locations?

NFT develops custom solutions so your team can collaborate as if they’re in the same room.


Using external hard drives to save data? Worried about losing information or recovering it after a natural disaster?

NFT can help you save, protect, and recover important data.


Office Manager trying to fix printers or email problems? Solo IT person struggling to meet company needs?

NFT specialists help stabilize costs, increase efficiency, and allow your team to focus on business success.


Sensitive company data on laptops and mobile devices? Trying to keep outsiders from accessing your network?

NFT devises strategies to protect your company information and devices.


Wondering how technology can make your business more competitive? Struggling with inefficiency or frustrations, but don't know where to start?

NFT’s certified experts identify how technology can improve your productivity and profitability.

You manage business. We manage technology.


With solutions from leading vendors such as Microsoft, Lenovo, Sonicwall, eFolder/Anchor and more, NF Tech has flexible, affordable solutions to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a free consultation.


We monitor your system to provide responsive and proactive service -- often before there's even a noticeable impact. From servers to smartphones, our technology can help stabilize your environment and streamline costs.


Keeping up with the pace of change in technology can be daunting. To support your medium- and long-term goals, we work with you to develop a plan that allows you to take advantage of new technology without breaking the bank.