Stormy weather!

Stormy weather!

As you may have heard, experts say unusually severe storms are heading towards  Washington, Oregon, and Northern California. So, power outages and flooding are predicted.

Why is a technology company writing about this? Because power outages and flooding can affect computers and servers too!

Here’s what we recommend:

  • If you must use your laptop/PC, log out and turn it OFF when you're done and/or at the end of the day. If convenient, unplug it too -- even if it's on a surge suppressor. This will help protect your machines from power surges.
  • If you have servers, it's best that they're on UPSs – uninterruptable power supplies – for better protection. If they do go offline and you’re unable to turn them back on once power is restored, contact your IT provider for assistance.
  • Save any files on your desktop to a flash drive or external hard drive. (Files on desktops are not saved in most data backup processes so may be lost in a failure -- which is why we discourage desktop storage.)
  • Charge mobile phones and tablets prior to high winds starting and then unplug them to avoid potential damage from power surges.
  • Unplug coffee pots, microwaves, etc., so they aren't damaged should there be a surge when power goes out or is restored.
  • And, while we're at it:
    • Never approach or touch a downed power line or anything in contact with the wire.
    • Do NOT use barbecues or portable propane or kerosene heaters for indoor heating. They use oxygen and create carbon monoxide that can cause suffocation.

If you have questions or problems due to the storms, contact your IT provider. And stay safe and warm!

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