Windows 10 — how costly might that free upgrade be?

Windows 10 — how costly might that free upgrade be?

Chances are, many of you have been pestered (repeatedly) to upgrade to Windows 10. Now, Microsoft has decided to schedule automatic upgrades! So we’ve disabled the automatic upgrade for all NFT customers.

You might wonder why we’d dissuade our clients from adopting something new from Microsoft. So, here are a few additional pieces of information.

It’s our experience that hardware and business specialty software don’t always play nice with new operating systems and may cause issues that didn’t exist before. So, we’ve been talking with colleagues, reading industry reports, experimenting on ourselves, and watching what happens with people who have upgraded to Windows 10.

Of them, about 30% experienced issues that required work with IT technicians to regain previous functionality. In other words, the free Windows 10 upgrade created downtime and, in some cases, caused unanticipated costs!

So here are our recommendations for people who want to use Windows 10:

  • Purchase a new PC/laptop with Windows 10 preinstalled. Adding your business specialty software to a new PC/laptop reduces or eliminates functionality issues because the manufacturer already verified hardware and operating system compatibility.
  • Get an assessment from your IT specialist. Have your IT provider assess whether your hardware and business specialty software are likely to work with Windows 10. If they are, schedule an update when you can tolerate the remaining risk of downtime if issues do occur.

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